Object Detection

Object detection is an essential process where a vision system scans an object three-dimensionally, detects instances of an object, and helps complete a task associated with the object (product) – for example, changing the cake icing design according to the type of cake on a conveyor belt.

The use of smart 3D robotic vision is increasingly important to bolster a plant’s manufacturing flexibility. Hermary’s industrial laser scanners generate high-resolution Point Cloud data vital to many automation applications utilizing industrial robots or robotic arms – where vision guidance and spatial information are necessary for completing delicate tasks. Generally, the process involves:

  • The scanners capture 3D Point Cloud data of varying sizes, shapes, and locations,
  • Downstream image-processing algorithms identify instances of the target objects,
  • Accurate spatial information is extracted to provide a path for the robotic arm, and
  • A robotic arm executes its preprogrammed commands.

Hermary works with our integration partners to find the best solutions for their clients. With over 18,000 installations across a wide variety of industries, Hermary stands by our products for ease of engineering and programming. We also offer consultation on data interfacing and algorithm development. Contact us today to find out more.

Vision Guided Cake Decorating

  • Recipe-drive robotic arm for automatic cake decoration
  • Generate height and location data with minimal changeover time
  • Reduced downtime for smoother production and higher throughput