Feature Identification

Feature identification is also called feature detection, pattern recognition, and feature extraction.

Similar to Object Identification, Feature Identification is a fundamental yet powerful automation capability that was made possible by the advancement of machine vision. Feature Identification is the capability of a vision system to recognize the existence of the desired pattern on an object (a product). The ability enables Quality Control to perform defect detection.

Feature Identification helps manufacturers accomplish or perform tasks in a specific area of interest on an object. A simplified process may include:

  • Hermary’s high-resolution 3D scanners incorporate advanced vision and illumination technologies that reconstruct target objects’ 3D models using Point Cloud data in real-time.
  • Application-specific algorithms are developed to process the datasets.
  • The results of the data analysis are then fed to the PLCs (programmable logic controllers) that control the operations of an industrial machine.

The benefits of Hermary’s professional 3D scanning solutions empower manufacturers to adapt to applications of varying sizes, shapes, and locations. By capturing the height/depth information, 3D scanners expand the capabilities of a machine vision system beyond what 2D machine vision could achieve.

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