Vision Guided Cake Decorating

In this application, two SL-1880 fully-integrated 3Dscanners are used to generate a 3D geometric digital model of cakes as they travel on a conveyor through the scan zone. The 3D model is used to generate a unique path for the robot to decorate the cake and compensates for differences in cake type, height and location on the conveyor. In a recipe-driven system, the same robot can decorate many different cake styles with minimal changeover interactions.

Automatic cake decorating

3D Machine Vision introduces a new layer of flexible manufacturing in commercial bakeries. In one installation, two identical lines with two robots per line apply different colors of icing art to baked goods. The system is capable of decorating 40 cakes a minute.

“The bakery sees the new 3D scanner systems as a competitive advantage.”

– Doug Taylor, Concept Systems Inc.