Vision Guided Robotics – Steel Billet Tagging

In this application, the SL-1880 provides 3D Vision to a robotic welding application. The robot welds identification tags directly to hot steel billets (430°C/800°F). Billet tags contain information used for tracking the billet through the manufacturing process.

Tags are applied to the ends of billets. Suitable locations for affixing the tag are identified based on scan data generated by the SL-1880.

Robotic welding and 3D Machine Vision enable automation of a dangerous and repetitive task, improving safety and production.

If you would like to learn more about this application, read this whitepaper: Vision-Guided Robotics Provide a Flexible, Automated Billet Tagging Solution written by Concept Systems inc.

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“Automated Hot Steel Tagging will become the new standard for the steel industry.”

– Tim Dykstra, Concept Systems Inc.