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A collection of eBooks that provides automation professionals comprehensive insights and guidance on the latest industry trends and 3D scanning practices. Whether you are part of the automation team on the factory floor or an application engineer designing systems, these eBooks have got you covered.

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A Tale of Two Sawmills

A Tale of Two Sawmills 

24 pages

Automate or be left behind. Find out how one of the world’s most advanced industries automates with 3D Machine Vision. Plus, BONUS content – a practical checklist for planning any automation projects.

The Hidden Numbers in Automation Projects

The Hidden Numbers in Automation Projects

49 pages

Taking the worry out of industrial automation projects with this guidebook and free checklist. This automation project management book is packed with industry veterans’ best practices to help readers unlock hidden savings for factory automation.

Small Automation, Big Impacts

32 pages

Experience the power of industrial 3D scanning and Machine Vision with this free eBook. Plus, a bonus chapter to help automation professionals effectively decide when to use 2D and 3D machine vision.