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Advanced 3D machine vision technologies help reduce waste, increase production speed and improve safety

Hermary is a leading innovator in 3D Machine Vision. For 30 years, we have enabled industrial automation that improved the manufacturers’ throughput and quality beyond what was humanly possible. Our commitment to R&D and engineering gives you increased control over data processing with features like customizable speed, scan zones and scan sequencing. We offer system-ready scanners for easy integration and have the expertise to work with integration partners to quickly bring a solution that is best suited for your industry.

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The classic Hermary 3D laser scanners are designed for easy system integration to solve real-world problems in some of the most demanding industrial environments.

An advancement in machine vision technology. The modular system architecture increases the flexibility to easily add and remove functionality from the system to adapt to varied needs.

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Machine Vision 101

Guide to Unlocking Your Automation Potential with 3D Scanning

Manufacturers have two choices, 3D or 2D machine vision, depending on application requirements. We have prepared a guide to help industry professionals understand the strengths of each technology.

How Machine Vision Helps Manufacturers Thrive in Industry 4.0

With Industry 4.0 foreseeing a greater reliance on machine learning, machine vision technology plays an integral role in capturing the physical world and transforming it into networked, digital data.