3D Vision-guided Robotic Automatic Cake Cutter

In this application, Hermary teamed up with system integrator, Kubica, to automate the delicate task of cutting and serving a cake and then blowing out the candle on it. SL-1880E was mounted on the robot’s end-effector to identify the location and full profile of the cake.

Point cloud data from the SL-1880 was processed by the Kubica engineer’s software and transposed to robot coordinates to perform the multiple functions.

The subtlety of the demonstration highlights how robots enabled by 3D Machine Vision can step outside traditionally structured, rote routines and can perform higher-level tasks, as well as reacting to physical variants in their environment.

“Manufacturers are just starting to realize how powerful 3D machine vision is, and how it expands the scope and capability of a traditional robotic cell and applications”

– Dennis Kubica, Kubica Corp.