Our Philosophy

Our mission

To equip automation experts with 3D vision scanners that achieve positive returns within a year.

We work with system integrators, machine builders, and in-house engineers to create the best automation solutions for their industry by providing robust 3D vision scanners and professional integration consultations. With our commitment to R&D in machine vision, Hermary empowers our users to automate with clarity, reach positive ROI within one year, and add value to their products.

Our win-win-win philosophy

Hermary strives to forge win-win-win relations with our partners and their customers in every stage of integration. System integrators and machine builders can be sure to enjoy a winning relationship with Hermary because we —

  • Build industrial scanners and their software interface for easy programming and speedy deployment,
  • Use proven technologies to achieve zero system downtime, and
  • Engineer 3D scanners with a long lifespan to reduce the need for system redesigns. 

It is our promise to end-users and customers who automate with Hermary’s machine vision that they will —

  • Enjoy a positive return on investment or capital spending within 12 months of installation,
  • Increase the system uptime and throughput by at least 20%, and
  • Benefit from other business opportunities created by a more streamlined operating model.

Our Value Pillars

Adding another dimension to your automation

Hermary is the leading innovator for designing and engineering machine vision technology that enables a wide range of industries to automate and optimize production with confidence. Customers choose Hermary as their machine vision partner because our technology provides repeatable performance and accurate data. 

Hermary’s scanners generate 3D digital models of an object using advanced vision and illumination technology, enabling smart manufacturing to adapt to variations such as size, shape, and location. The digital model is represented by the 3D coordinates (X, Y, and Z) of an object’s surface, referred to as “Point Cloud.” Point Cloud is accurate and easy for system engineers to develop algorithms that analyze the data for process optimization.

As a leader in 3D machine vision, Hermary has the industry knowledge in bridging the gap between data capturing and analysis. We offer consultation on data interfacing and algorithm development. Hermary’s website is also rich with educational materials for in-house learning. 

We created our first products for the wood industry, which proved Hermary to be a creative and dependable machine vision provider in transforming the physical world into manageable digital data. As advanced 3D machine vision increasingly becomes a critical enabling technology for improving industrial competitiveness, Hermary continues to lead innovations for its design and engineering. We are creating new applications that enable companies to see — and seize — overlooked opportunities for the future.

Growing with our customers through collaborative partnerships 

In every stage of product development, we engage with our channel partners to develop a reliable machine vision solution that ensures maximum integration capability and speedy deployment. We build extreme durability into every product with meticulous engineering that provides long-term precision performance in the most demanding environments. Users can always count on us to deliver mission-critical reliability.

The deep commitment to quality in all we do is evident in the long-term support Hermary gives to every customer. Partners can expect we respond quickly and work in a proactive partnership to create optimal outcomes.

To this day, we still support our very first product and customer.

Sustaining the planet’s resources

Hermary was founded on the love for this land in mind. Our consistent creativity in improving efficiency, quality, and safety has made resource optimization possible in many industries. We also design our products following industry standards and technical protocols to prevent obsolescence.

Hermary’s products are built to last, ensuring our customers’ systems deliver reliable performance over a long lifespan. 

The enduring commitment to have a sustainable future for many generations is what drives us to be a part of the revolution that advances industrial automation. With our partners and community in mind, Hermary continues to be inspired by the current world and what it can become.