Media Mentions

Automation Fair Event Expands Human Possibilities | The Journal

As a proud member of Rockwell’s Encompass Product Partner, Hermary revealed the Amadeus modular machine vision platform’s launch. The new platform will enable companies with more customizable settings, enabling more industrial automation solutions. Read more about Hermary connecting visitors with advanced industrial machine vision technologies here.

Product Spotlight | The Journal

As a proud member of Rockwell’s Encompass Product Partner, Hermary is excited to announce the launch of the Amadeus modular machine vision platform. The Amadeus TDS2000 is featured here in April’s issue of The Journal.

How a Robotic Cake Decorator Expanded this Business | Control Design

Hermary’s long-time integration partner, Concept System, was tasked with improving the bakery’s productivity to meet their ever-changing demand. The bakery was originally equipped with 2D cameras that only provided the centre point of the cake. With Hermary’s SL-1880s mounted on FNAUC’s robotic arms, the production line can decorate cakes that are not identical. The use of 3D machine vision captures the height information, which gives the robots a unique path for each cake. The newly retrofitted cake production line allows the bakery to process up to 40 cakes per minute. Not only does it increase the throughput, but it also frees up space on the factory floor. The system also allows the bakery to expand product lines without having to add new equipment.

The solution is featured in Control Design magazine here, or view it online here.

Industry Partners Contribute to Student Learning in Wood Processing | UBC branchlines

Hermary teams up with long-time channel partner, MPM, and Optimill to give students of UBC’s Faculty of Forestry a rare, behind-the-scenes look on how sawmills operate. For years, Hermary’s 3D machine vision has played a critical role in enabling automation in North America’s wood processing. The students were able to have a unique learning experience from local businesses that showcase their expertise in industries they aspire to work in. Read the full article here.

Maintaining Consistency | Canadian Wood Products

Based in Maine, Pleasant River Lumber took the economic downturn to add more optimization and vision technology to the mill. Having worked with Autolog before, an automation integrator based in Quebec, Pleasant River Lumber turned to them to maximize the facility’s improvement. Autolog incorporated Hermary’s DPS-824CV scanners, which output both 3D geometric and colour scans of the log. The scanners were mounted transversely using an existing setup. The ease of installation prevented the mill from any downtime. The scanners replaced human inspection and helped identify any unqualified lumber from being shipped out of the mill. The family-run mill turned the labour-intensive process around with Hermary’s machine vision technology.

Read the full article here, or view it online here.

Savings Across the Board | Control Design

The lumber industry is one of the most heavily automated industries in the world. Having to process millions of feet of raw materials into standardized products daily, sawmills are constantly looking for ways to achieve better accuracy and repeatable results in product dimensions. Being one of the largest sawmills in British Columbia, Canfor pioneers the industry by incorporating Hermary’s 3D machine vision into their production line. By using Hermary’s 3D scanners, Canfor was able to capture another dimension to the volumetric data in real-time. An optimization algorithm uses the data and determines the best sawing pattern that generates more finished products out of the raw material. The advancement in technology helped Canfor improve the throughput and product accuracy, leading to a significant upturn in waste reduction, and most importantly, profit.

Read the full article here.