How a Robotic Cake Decorator Expanded this Business | Control Design

Hermary’s long-time integration partner, Concept System, was tasked with improving the bakery’s productivity to meet their ever-changing demand. The bakery was originally equipped with 2D cameras that only provided the centre point of the cake. With Hermary’s SL-1880s mounted on FNAUC’s robotic arms, the production line can decorate cakes that are not identical. The use of 3D machine vision captures the height information, which gives the robots a unique path for each cake. The newly retrofitted cake production line allows the bakery to process up to 40 cakes per minute. Not only does it increase the throughput, but it also frees up space on the factory floor. The system also allows the bakery to expand product lines without having to add new equipment.

The solution is featured in Control Design magazine here, or view it online here.