Real-time Lumber Dimension Monitoring

In this application, Single Point Range Sensors, LRS-50, provide real-time dimension measurements on incoming, in-process and outgoing products.

The primary benefit of dimension monitoring is the detection of process variations prior to manufacturing out of tolerance goods. The 3D measuring and monitoring system reduces the risk of oversize or undersize products by detecting problems in the production line. Trends can be identified and corrections can be made before a defective product is made. Immediate feedback is available to identify to correct out of tolerance production equipment. Understanding in-process tolerances allows the quality manager to make appropriate adjustments and changes.

The high scan rate of the LRS-50 delivers accurate measurements even when the product speeds exceed 1500 feet per minute. Synchronous measurements provided by the LRS-50 can provide a high degree of immunity to vibration (bouncing products). With the LRS-16HC concentrator, many solutions have 16 or more LRS-50’s in a single application.

In the wood industry, the industrial-grade LRS-50 is used to monitor lumber dimensions and provide real-time feedback, enabling timely process adjustments to avoid off size lumber. Having visibility of the process allows tighter tolerances, thinner saws, reduced waste and significant ROI.

“We deal with thousandths of an inch of recovery in the sawmills, so if they miss manufacture by 0.01 of an inch when they cut a million board feet in a shift, that quickly adds up to many thousands if not millions of dollars over time.”

– Nick Barrett, SiCam Systems