3D Inspections

3D inspection is an integral part of modern factory automation, where this non-contact process captures volumetric data of objects being examined. Using Hermary’s 3D scanners, a point cloud of the object can be generated. The digital data is often passed downstream for analysis where defects, presence/non-presence or volumetric measurement will be determined. With a truer representation, 3D inspection systems can significantly reduce false call rates, allowing applications for tighter tolerance, thereby increasing overall production.

Hermary works with our integration partners to find the best solutions for their clients. With over 18,000 installations across a wide variety of industries, Hermary stands by our products for ease of engineering and programming. We also offer consultation on data interfacing and algorithm development. Contact us today to find out more.

Real-time Lumber Dimension Monitoring

  • Real-time, accurate measurement at product speeds exceed 1500 feet per minute
  • Enables timely process adjustments to avoid off-size products
  • Allows for tighter tolerances, thinner saws, reduced waste and significant ROI

Full Length Log Scanning

  • Generates a 3D geometric model of logs for maximizing lumber recovery
  • Coded light technology for use in direct sunlight
  • Reduced waste of resources and increased throughput

Board Trimmer & Edger

  • Captures high-speed geometric scanning
  • Unique 45-degree scanning for optimal data capture
  • Collaborative effort with Hermary’s channel partner