3D Inspections

Inline Box Sorting

  • Generates accurate 3D volumetric data for dimension inspection
  • Identifies boxes that fail to meet all quality parameters
  • 99.9% system accuracy at 60 boxes every minute

Real-time Lumber Dimension Monitoring

  • Real-time, accurate measurement at product speeds exceed 1500 feet per minute
  • Enables timely process adjustments to avoid off-size products
  • Allows for tighter tolerances, thinner saws, reduced waste and significant ROI

Full Length Log Scanning

  • Generates a 3D geometric model of logs for maximizing lumber recovery
  • Coded light technology for use in direct sunlight
  • Reduced waste of resources and increased throughput

Board Trimmer & Edger

  • Captures high-speed geometric scanning
  • Unique 45-degree scanning for optimal data capture
  • Collaborative effort with Hermary’s channel partner