Automated Smart Saw Butchering

In this application, two SL-1880E scanners are mounted above a conveyor transporting portions of beef during the butchering process. 3D geometric digital profiles of the beef are collected and pre-processed in the SL-1880E. Results are communicated via EtherNet/IP directly into a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). For each portion of beef, the PAC determines a unique cutting path for the Smart Rib Saw.

One of the most dangerous cuts in a beef processing facility is manually sawing the spinal channel. Using 3D Machine Vision, the Smart Rib Saw automates this cut. In addition to dramatically improving safety, other benefits include increased production throughput and improved consistency of cuts.  A typical plant makes this cut 8,000 times per day.

“The Smart Rib Saw has the potential to change the way all Meat Processing plants function in the future. Both the safety factor and the production improvements for the plant are huge, and cannot be overlooked.”

– Steve Dunivan (President), Midwest Machine