Hermary Unveils Amadeus, A New Machine Vision Platform

Date: November 4, 2019

The Amadeus Platform, a new modular machine vision platform by Hermary, is set to disrupt the machine vision industry. The platform utilizes a unique modular architecture, incorporating industry standards to enable easier integration with both Hermary and other automation components.

Utilizing their 30 years of machine vision experience to drive innovation, Hermary has changed how machine vision components communicate and collaborate. At the heart of the Amadeus Platform is its unique capability to enable harmonious operation of any connected machine devices within a domain. Configuration and control of all machine vision components – cameras, lasers, illuminators and more – are easily performed from a centralized computer. A high level of synchronization within the platform enables machine vision devices to work together in a collaborative manner.

Future-proofing – the modular system architecture of the Amadeus Platform increases the flexibility of the platform to easily add and remove functionality from a system and develop new capabilities. As technology advances, new devices can be added to the platform by simply developing a hardware-specific interface to be able to incorporate new devices and components in the future. All other system-level software and hardware elements remain the same.

Terry Hermary, CEO, said “The Amadeus Platform is the most versatile, capable and powerful machine vision platform available today and I firmly believe that it will be recognized as a disruptor in the machine vision industry. Instead of taking years to develop new vision capabilities, Amadeus will allow Hermary to deliver solutions in months, enabling our partners to quickly respond to changes in their industries.”

The Amadeus Platform is the result of 5 years of development and represents a radical change in the architecture of machine vision components. The Amadeus Platform will allow system integrators to more easily optimize current performance and develop new, creative solutions in the future.