Hermary Showcases Innovative Machine Vision Solutions and Forges Strategic Partnerships at Rockwell’s Automation Fair 2023

This year’s Rockwell Automation Fair® was bigger and better!

The four-day extravaganza featured a diverse array of interactive exhibits, engaging technical sessions, and insightful keynotes, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in automation, digital transformation, and industrial IoT. The much anticipated Expo was on November 8 and 9, featuring more than 120 exhibitors. From cutting-edge industrial machinery to advanced analytics solutions, the Automation Fair® Expo showcased the limitless possibilities that arise from the seamless integration of technology and human ingenuity.

As a certified Technology Partner of Rockwell, Hermary showcased the latest innovation in Machine Vision, the Amadeus Architecture. The platform is designed to simplify integration and empower system designers who want to incorporate vision capabilities in their portfolios. Hermary also shared their extensive knowledge of automation project management by offering free eBooks such as “The Hidden Numbers in Automation Projects” and “A Tale of Two Sawmills.” In addition, showgoers were encouraged to participate in a survey that would help determine the new feature to be included in the next industrial scanner. If you would like to provide your feedback, please feel free to take the survey here.

The Automation Fair 2023 provided a platform for networking with industry leaders and a knowledge exchange hub to drive sustainable growth and foster digital resilience. Hermary continues to pioneer advancements in industrial 3D scanning and remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge machine vision solutions that enable System Integrators, OEMs, and Machine Builders to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.