Food Automation with Hermary’s SL-1880

The food processing industry has traditionally been labor-intensive and primarily relied on human experience for judgments. Before Hermary’s vision solution was integrated into their production lines, this national meat processing plant searched for a technology that would digitize the workers’ tacit knowledge and improve workplace safety.

Hermary’s SL-1880 uses factory-calibrated laser triangulation technology to capture accurate point cloud data of irregularly-shaped objects, such as meat parts. The data can be analyzed by software tools that come with SL-1880. Further instructions can then be generated and passed downstream to other production processes. The streamlined automation is made possible as the 3D scanners capture valuable volumetric information of the target objects, which would have been impossible with a traditional 2D solution.

3D machine vision has been integral in advancing many food processing plants’ automation, resulting in increased throughput, improved precision, and a safer workplace. Here is an example of how Hermary’s SL-1880 transformed the lives of many in a meat processing plant in America.

At Hermary, we believe that technology works hand in hand with the workers. If your company is seeking to upgrade the automation processes, incorporating Hermary’s 3D solution might be the key to a future-proofing digital transformation strategy. Please find out how we can help improve your industry by contacting us today.