3D Measurement Techniques (Part 2)

By manipulating the different attributes of light, methods such as time of flight, interferometry, or confocal displacement are used in various industrial applications. The many geometric-based measurement techniques mentioned in the previous video are becoming standard in various industrial applications. However, niche cases where extreme resolution is necessary will have to rely on one of these light-based methods.

Capturing 3D data with Light-based Measurement Techniques

These measurement techniques rely on analyzing one of the following aspects of light in order to obtain an object’s 3D data —

  • Speed of light
  • Wave nature of light
  • Specific wavelengths of light

Understanding the different methods used in machine vision will help you determine what is best for your automation project. Human talents and their tacit knowledge are the most valuable assets a manufacturer owns. That is why at Hermary, we engineer reliable 3D vision scanners and use point cloud data to help manufacturers digitize this wealth of knowledge.

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