Ultra High Ambient Coplanar 3D Scanner

DPS-4024 ultra high ambien coplanar 3D scanner

Incorporating two lasers and two cameras in a coplanar configuration, the DPS-4024HA is a 3D scanner with a large scan zone and a high scan rate. Housed in a rugged IP67 enclosure, DPS-4024HA outputs 3D geometric point cloud data as high as 1,000 scans per second. Its unique coded light adds an extra level of ambient light immunity, which enables DPS-4024HA to operate outdoors, reducing or even eliminating the need for shielding from direct sunlight. The scanner can be triggered by one of the following three settings: time, encoder or external (PLC). With Hermary’s GIG-4PT Terminator Card, the scanning systems can be easily configured into multi-scanner arrays for either lineal or transverse scanning. Industry-standard Ethernet TCP/IP communications allow for simplified installation and maintenance.

Designed to scan logs entering the sawmill in a lineal scanning configuration, the DPS-4024HA 3D scanner is also used to scan logs entering plywood veneer lathes.

  • Features

    • Ultra-high ambient-light immunity
    • Dual profile coplanar scanner
    • Large depth of field
    • Scans up to 1,000 profiles per second
    • Class 2 laser
    • 3D geometric point cloud data
    • TCP/IP over Ethernet
    • IP67 enclosure

  • Benefits

    • No additional lighting or shielding needed
    • Robust design for outdoor applications and works under direct sunlight
    • Works well in high-production environments
    • Dual scan zone for reduced occlusion
    • Time-division multiplexing architecture supports multiple-scanner collaborations
    • Compatible with Hermary’s GIG-4PT platform

  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 605 x 147 x 61 mm (23.8 x 5.8 x 2.4 inches)
    • Weight: 9.3 kg (20.5 lb)
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
    • Scan Rate: up to 1,000 scans per second
    • Data Points per Scan (Profiles): up to 106
    • Interface: Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Electrical Supply: 24 VDC
    • Enclosure Protection: IP67

  • Applications

    • Full-length stem scanning
    • Log/Cant profile scanning for optimization
    • Log profiling for auto rotation
    • XY Charger
    • …or contact us about your application!