Hermary’s Amadeus Intelligent Machine Vision Architecture is a machine vision ecosystem that builds on industry standards to help system designers and engineers develop innovative modular, flexible, and configurable vision solutions.

Hermary’s Amadeus Intelligent Machine Vision Architecture is a revolutionary ecosystem designed to significantly simplify system designers’ integration, deployment efforts, and support.

System Flexibility

Amadeus is an intelligent machine vision architecture built on industry standards, such as Power over Ethernet and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol, to bring simplicity and flexibility to users. The architecture automatically streamlines networking, power transmission, and temporal correspondence among supported vision devices. Additionally, with a modularized, plug-and-play architecture, system designers can easily add and remove functionality within the architecture. They only need to focus on orchestrating how each device collaborates, saving time and resources.

Solution Scalability

Hermary understands how important solution scalability is to system designers. That’s why the Amadeus Intelligent Machine Vision Architecture is designed to be future-proof. Every device within the architecture uses industry-standard cables and connectors that are easily sourced and follow common protocols, significantly simplifying future upgrades. Hermary’s products are equipped with proven data coupling mechanisms that can withstand high-vibration environments, ensuring the vision solution’s long-term reliability and low total ownership cost.

Get Ready to Simplify Vision Solution Designs

The platform utilizes a unique modular architecture built with industry standards to allow system integrators to optimize performance and enables solutions currently unachievable with existing machine vision technology. The interconnected architecture brings users features and benefits that were previously unavailable:

  • Modular hardware
  • Future-proofing
    • Extensible to machine vision devices
    • Extensible to future sensor technologies
    • Built on industry standards
  • Interconnected architecture
    • Device collaboration and cooperation
    • Synchronization clock control engine
    • Composer functionality

In many solutions, the development and setup of a machine vision system are rigidly defined and limiting. The modular system architecture increases the flexibility and the scalability to easily add and remove functionality from the system to adapt to varied needs and applications. As technology advances, new devices are added to the platform by simply developing a hardware-specific interface to be able to incorporate new devices and components in the future. All other system-level software and hardware elements remain the same.

The Amadeus Intelligent Machine Vision Architecture changes how machine vision components communicate and collaborate. At the heart of the architecture is its unique capability to enable the harmonious operation of any connected machine devices within a domain. Configuration and control of all machine vision components – cameras, lasers, illuminators, and more – are easily performed from a centralized computer.

The Amadeus Intelligent Machine Vision Architecture has —

  • High configurability: high flexibility to optimize for customers’ applications
  • High feature rate: higher resolution in the axis of relative motion

More About the Amadeus Intelligent Machine Vision Architecture

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