The Hidden Numbers in Automation Projects

Don’t start an automation project until you read this

Turns out, we’ve been using the wrong metrics to measure project returns.

Industry experts share best practices on realizing hidden savings in automation projects.

This guidebook lets you —

Avoid unexpected costs like energy or maintenance

Future-proof your manufacturing facilities

Know what to watch out for when managing automation projects

Own the tried-and-true 23-point checklist on choosing the right System Integrator

Manufacturing companies have a unique set of needs when it comes to implementing automation projects. Aiming for the lowest capital expenditure seems reasonable until the project team realizes a year later that —

  • The system is not energy efficient or compliant with regulations,
  • Poor HMI design or unergonomic workstations make operators fatigued and prone to mistakes,
  • Not enough team members on the floor know how to use it, adoption is low and slow,
  • The supplier no longer support supports a key component in the system,
  • Captured data is in a proprietary format and cannot be analyzed for process optimization, and
  • The system requires too much maintenance, incurring downtime and service costs.

It turns out, many of us have been using the wrong metrics to measure project return.

From our conversations with industry veterans, “The Hidden Numbers in Automation Project” helps you take the headache out of automation projects. In this eBook, you’ll hear from experts in the field on:

  • Ways to avoid unexpected costs like energy or maintenance,
  • Future-proofing your manufacturing facilities, and,
  • What to watch out for when managing automation projects.

Plus: a tried-and-true 23-point checklist on how to choose the right System Integration company for your project.