Small Automation, Big Impacts

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Co-founder, Terry Hermary

Whether it’s talking with our channel partners or people at tradeshows, finding the right talent is on many business owners’ minds. It’s no secret that automation can improve processes, freeing up time for more meaningful and creative tasks, as well as reducing the risk of human error. But in today’s rapidly changing world, deciding what to automate can sometimes seem overwhelming.

A Roadmap to the Future of Automation

The Small Automation, Big Impacts series is based on Hermary’s extensive field experience and proof of concepts we have worked on with our partners and end customers. It may sound like a compilation of case studies or application stories.” Still, I feel these types of literature lack insights into what made the transformation possible. That’s why I wanted to call it an automation journey to explore questions like where it started, who is going, where they are going, and how they are getting there.

I know that for every major capital spending decision, there is more than just the technologies involved: stakeholders like operators, engineers, managers, and suppliers are part of the equation, too. I join our channel partners (some of the most brilliant engineers I have met) to do customer site visits. Then I found out some of them had tried multiple scanning technologies to no avail, some were using the wrong technology, and some simply needed to learn that 3D machine vision existed. And to be honest, that is fair. The automation field is vast, and new technologies are constantly coming out every year.

I want to share these automation journeys to help automation experts avoid roadblocks and understand what 3D machine vision could do for them. It is one more tool in their toolbox that will come in handy sooner or later. Ultimately, we aim to inspire the industry and improve the lives of many through better industrial automation.

Terry Hermary

Full eBook | 32 pages | PDF

Small Automation, Big Impacts is a collection of industrial automation journeys made possible by 3D machine vision. 

We believe sharing these stories is a way to stay connected with our partners and positively impact the manufacturing community.

This free eBook also includes a bonus chapter to help automation professionals easily decide when to use 2D and 3D machine vision. 

All this is just one click away in our new eBook, Small Automation, Big Impacts

Full eBook | 32 pages | PDF
Plus: an easy guide to when to best use 2D and 3D machine vision technologies for best scanning results.

Who is this for? System integrators and machine builders who are trying to solve unique automation challenges that require precise and accurate 3D spatial information. Additionally, this eBook will benefit manufacturers looking to implement future-proofing automation solutions.

Why did we put together this eBook? We want to share these journeys so automation experts can avoid roadblocks and understand what 3D machine vision could do for them. It is one more tool in their toolbox that will come in handy sooner or later.

What’s included? Automation journeys in the food and beverage, mining, steelmaking, and industrial bakery industries. A bonus chapter on when to use 2D and 3D machine vision to help automation professionals make the right scanning technology choice.

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